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Martin Anxxon’s new pack features 15 original compositions recorded live using a wide range of guitars, bass, and analog synthesizers. All sounds have been carefully processed and mixed to achieve unique tones and textures while also leaving enough space for producers and artists to build on.


VOL II features a wide range of textures and sounds, from live take performances to carefully edited and warped loops. From Bossa nova rhythms to spacey harmonies, from dark live bass loops to warped and pitched guitars. VOL II offers unique sounds and compositions that will help your productions stand out from the rest.


VOL II is available in 2 versions: “Compositions” and “Compositions and Stems”. All audio files are 44.1kHz/16. 


This version of VOL II includes STEMS for all compositions except for "RiffMood" which is a single track live take.


Included compositions are not-royalty free. Instructions for non-exclusive sample clearance are attached.

Martin Anxxon - VOL II (with STEMS)

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